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Player Run Plots (PrPs) are welcome here on From the Ashes: Detroit by Night. A PrP is defined as a plot arc that spans more than one scene OR materially impacts the grid, prominent NPCs, or is otherwise high profile (would get noticed by people outisde the scene). A single scene that requires some NPCs, or even combat, is not a PrP for these purposes as long as it leaves the grid and setting essentially unchanged. Such scenes do carry some minor risk of retcon unless a log is certified by staff, but players needn't come running to us for every NPC or dice roll. For longer arcs, we like to keep tabs on what stories are running for whom so that we, as staff, know where to spend our efforts and can advise PrP STs of potential conflicts with parts of our setting they were not OOCly aware of. We establish certain caveats which we outline below, PrPs which meet these criteria are likely to be given an xp budget:

  • Players must consent to participation in a PrP and they must be informed as to which player is running the story.
  • All PrPs must be approved by staff before being run. Such approval is contingent on the PrP adhering to the boundaries stipulated in the app. Again, this is so that staff may confirm that the PrP does not step on any existing PrPs, TPs or otherwise violate the setting. (We envision this to be a straightforward and easy process.)
  • The player running a PrP (hereafter 'Storyteller') is responsible for logging all relevant scenes, OOC communication, and rolls in case of later player disagreement. The Storyteller's logs, submitted in a timely manner, shall be considered canon. This is so that if there are follow up scenes after the Storyteller is done running the PrP, staff are able to proceed without a lengthy discovery process.
  • A Storyteller may not run a PrP that materially benefits their own character(s). They may participate (though this is not encouraged) but have, essentially NPC status. In the event that it becomes impossible to avoid the Storyteller's character from benefitting, the Storyteller will hand the PrP to someone else, ideally to a member of staff. Do try hard to avoid this outcome. The pinch-ST will consult heavily with the original author. This is to avoid conflict-of-interest drama down the road.
  • A character with a reasonable IC reason to participate (e.g. invited by a current participant, ICly) may not be turned away from a PrP except where there is a declared OOC understanding that so-and-so does not welcome RP with such-and-such. Such cases are resolved 'first come, first served.' A character without reasonable IC reason to participate may be invited and deus ex machinae arranged so as to include them, but does not have title to such an invitation. A player who attempts to force deus ex machinae onto a running PrP to induce entitlement to participate will be, at least, laughed at and told to refrain from such attempts at participation. If you do not wish to run for or with someone else, make sure everyone you do involve is clear on that before you begin.