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Melee Weapons Chart

Weapon Damage Conceal
Sap+ Strength +1 P
Club Strength +2 T
Knife Strength +1 J
Sword Strength +2 T
Axe Strength +3 N

  • + Denotes a weapon that inflicts bashing damage.
  • These are rough values, individual weapons may deviate from the norm, but this chart should serve as a suitable guide for most quick-and-dirty melee weapon needs.

Armor Chart

Class Armor Rating Penalty Notes
Class One (reinforced clothing) 1 0 B/L Protects against physical attacks.
Class Two (armor T-shirt) 2 1 B/L Protects against physical attacks.
Class Three (Kevlar vest) 3 1 B/L/A Protects against physical attacks.
Class Four (flak jacket) 4 2 B/L/A Protects against physicals and directed energy attacks.
Class Five (full riot gear) 5 3 B/L/A Protects against physicals, energy, and fire.

  • All armor on From The Ashes: Detroit By Night will be given an armor value, an action penalty, and in many cases a list of damage types the armor will protect. Many armors will have different values against different damage types. The table provided here is intended as a guideline. Armor dice are rolled in addition to stamina dice if the damage being taken is of a type that the character wearing it may normally soak. Armor dice are rolled alone, even against damage types that the armor stops but that the wearer may not soak.

Ranged Weapons Chart

Type Damage Range Rate Capacity Conceal
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  • Damage: Indicates the damage dice pool. Against mortals, firearms are considered lethal damage. Versus vampires, firearms are considered bashing damage unless the head is targeted (see “Targeting,” p. 274), in which case the damage is considered lethal.
  • Range: This is the practical shot range in yards or meters. Weapons may be fired at twice this distance, but the attacks are considered long range (difficulty 8).
  • Rate: The maximum number of bullets or three-round bursts the gun can fire in a single turn. This rate does not apply to full-auto or spray attacks.
  • Capacity: The number of shells a gun can hold. The +1 indicates a bullet can be held in the chamber, ready to fire.
  • Concealment: P = Can be carried in the pocket; J = Can be hidden in a jacket; T = Can be hidden in a trenchcoat; N = Cannot be concealed on the person at all.
  • *Indicates the weapon is capable of three-round bursts, full auto, and sprays.
  • **The crossbow is included for characters who wish to try staking an opponent. Crossbows require five turns to reload. Unless the crossbow is aimed at the head or heart, it inflicts bashing damage on Kindred. It inflicts lethal damage versus mortals.

Vehicle Table

Vehicle Safe Speed (mph) Max Speed (mph) Maneuver
6-Wheel Bobtail Truck 25 75 2
Detroit Municipal Passenger Bus 25 75 2
18-Wheel Tractor-Trailer Rig 35 75 3
4-Door Mid-Size Sedan 50 125 5
Minivan 40 120 4
Economy Compact 50 100 5
Sporty Compact 65 140 7
Sport Coupe 75 150 7
Sports Car 75 150 8
Luxury Sedan 60 150 6
SUV/Light Truck 35 120 4
Formula One Racer 140 240 10

  • This table is provided for general reference as a guideline ONLY. The statistics contained in this table are overruled by any +jnotes approved by staff. Sometimes you need quick-and-dirty stats for a car, however, and this table is offered in that spirit.