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"People in this city work hard. They deserve to get rewarded for that - but they don't. That's broken. There used to be thousands upon thousands of good jobs in factories in this city - now there aren't. That's broken. And while we're on the subject? People's homes are being taken away from them by some guy sent here by Lansing. That's really broken. Now I know, there's only so much a City Councilman's going to be able to do about all this. But I cannot believe for even a moment, that Bing and his Democrat cronies have even really tried to stop it. My name is Douglass LeBlanc, and I'm asking you for a chance to start fixing what's broken."
--Doug LeBlanc, "LeBlanc for Council - Advertisement #3."

"Doug is one of the brightest stars in Michigan politics now. Measure 2 has made such a mess of Detroit. No single action ever taken in the history of America has ever wrought so much grief and ruin. Is he riding that wave a bit? Sure. That's called 'politics.' The voters are angry about how that's being handled, and he's giving substance to their voices - I don't see how that's a bad thing, really. What makes the difference between a politician and windbag is what happens the day he takes the office. That's when you have the proof of the pudding. I think he's going deliver."

--FOX 2 Commentator Larry Ruggles, On-Air remarks.

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RP Hooks
Freshman Councilman: One of the younger faces on the City Council, LeBlanc is here to kick ass and take names. If you live in the 313, he's always got time to listen.

Republican: Though they've taken a beating since the Tea Party emerged as a significant player, LeBlanc represents the next generation of GOP statesmen - time will tell if these fresh faces have what it takes to reclaim the party's glory.

District 5: Though not so badly hit as Districts 1 or 3, District 5 lost a lot of ground to Measure 2, and LeBlanc was elected in part from the outrage thereabout. He does what he can for the people along the Belle Isle waterfront, and the southern downtown area, including the financial district.

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Doug P. LeBlanc
Doug LeBlanc.jpg

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Name: Douglas Pierre LeBlanc
Date of Birth: December 3rd, 1978
Apparent Age: Mid Thirties
Occupation: Banker / Detroit City Councilman
Nature: Follower
Demeanor: Gallant
Nationality: Canadian
Party: Republican

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