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"If Heath or someone of his skill and expertise had been on board, say, back in '09? I might not be here."

--Kevyn Orr, State-Appointed Emergency Manager for City of Detroit

"Heath's gift isn't just in running the numbers, plenty of folks can run the numbers. Heath's gift is in understanding, and communicating what the numbers fitting or not fitting actually means. This Council is positioned to make much better choices thanks to his expertise."

--Jules Aubenall, City Councilor

"The lad's tremendously useful. I've been a business owner my whole life, but government finance is very much it's own animal. More than that, he's polite and patient - even with an old geezer like myself. Not too many numbers guys who you can say that about.

--"Monty Mac," business owner, City Councilor

"I'm not a numbers person. I'm no slouch, and I can do the work myself if I have to, but having Heath there to check my understanding against is tremendously helpful. In surgery you depend on the eyes and ears in the room with you - the same is proving true in policy."

--Melissa Porter, City Councilwoman.

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RP Hooks
City Councilor: If you've got business with the City Council, maybe Heath can bring it to the floor. At a minimum he'll be checking the numbers to make sure you've thought this plan through.

Canadian: One of two Canadians on the City Council, but Heath's accent's more pronounced and he catches a lot of flak for it.

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Heath Duncan
Heath Duncan.jpg

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Name: Heath Duncan
Date of Birth: February 2nd, 1973
Apparent Age: Late Thirties
Occupation: Accountant
Detroit City Councilor
Nature: Bureaucrat
Demeanor: Praise-Seeker
Nationality: Canadian
Party: Independent

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