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"Yeah? What about Overby. Overby is the kind of corporate hack that's responsible for the very worst in Detroit. If you don't have money, he doesn't have the time of day for you. He's a one-percenter, and he has zero chance in Detroit. I can't believe he even has the gall to run. What has 'redevelopment' brought to Detroit lately, huh? The Lions have a new stadium, the Tigers have a new stadium, we've got three new Casinos spreading the addiction to gambling - because that's going to help people struggling, suuuuuurrre. And here comes Mr. Moneybags with more and more ideas for 'mixed use development.' If this guy gets his way, you're not going to be able to shop where you want to, you'll have to shop in your district's stores and work in your district and if you're lucky then maybe you get to go visit another district once in a while. It blows the mind that a communist like Overby is somehow wealthy but some guys get all the luck, I guess."

--Paul Rodin, "The Straight Dope" WDTK 1400AM Conservative Talk Radio

"Now, a lot of you listeners know that I don't care for Rick Snyder, I've made no secret of my opinion about him - you can find it on my soundcloud and my blog and if you listen to the Night Shift for any length of time, you'll soon hear me talk about the man and in much more detail than I did just now. But tonight I'd like to take this time, not to talk about Governor Snyder, but to talk about a candidate for City Council here in our fair city of Detroit: James Edward Overby.

"And it's not even that I think or wish ill on Mr. Overby, he's probably a perfectly fine fellow. The thing is, though, I've been doing some research on him. Now, he's running as an Independent, and in Detroit you have that privilege because our City elections are non-partisan, but if you look at his record and if you look at what he does for a living - and more importantly who he does it with - I think you'll agree that the facts bear out a certain amount of concern. Mr. Overby is what you call a 'Venture Capitalist' which means he's very wealthy and he uses that money to invest in new businesses so that he can have more money. Now some might call this 'The American Dream' but here's my issue - there's another Venture Capitalist in Michigan politics: Rick Snyder, and he's sent his man Kevin Orr to come run Detroit like a business, which you just. can't. do. So let's not kid ourselves about what kind of Councilor Mr. Overby's going to be if he's not defeated, come November."

--Tony Trupiano, "The Night Shift" WDFN 1130AM Progressive Talk Radio

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RP Hooks
City Councilor: Got business with the City Council? Maybe James can help get it heard.

Venture Capitalist: If there's money involved, James might've heard of it - or may even already be involved, himself.

District 4: District 4 is the second smallest surviving district, next to District 7, after Measure 2 took a few bites out of it. The fact that the commuting avenue to the Grosse Pointes runs through it is probably the only reason it's still intact at all. That and Mr. Overby's staunch defense of it's value and importance, that is. He has defended Measure 2, despite the bites its taken out of his own district, as 'sensible from a budgetary perspective' but has managed to turn his ability to keep the vitals of District 4 intact into a solid voting base that has kept him in office since.

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James Overby
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Name: James Edward Overby
Date of Birth: April 3rd, 1964
Apparent Age: Mid Fifties
Occupation: Venture Capitalist
Detroit City Councilor
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Architect
Nationality: American
Party: Independent

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