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"Admitted to the bar in 2006, 'JV' Aubenall spent a year clerking for Michigan's 36th District Court before entering practice in real estate law with Peters & Kilter, in Detroit. Within three years he was ready to hang out his own shingle, and two years later he expanded his practice to include two other attorneys. These are all marks of a successful attorney but they're not what we're here to celebrate about him.

"What really makes Jules a Michigan Chronicle Man of Excellence, is his devotion to the community. Many of his fellow attorneys saw Measure 2 as unstoppable and would not take the case. Jules saw people in need, and even knowing that it'd cost him dearly, stepped up to the plate and joined the team that fought for people's homes, fought to preserve community.

"Jules joins the ranks of other African-American men who have helped empower their communities all throughout Michigan, and Detroit ought to be proud that he calls that city home now. So please, raise your glasses with me and give cheers to Jules Verne Aubenall, Esquire."

---Toast given at Michigan Chronicle Men of Excellence Awards Dinner 2013

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RP Hooks
Real Estate Attorney: You need something done about land in Detroit? You could do a lot worse than JV.

City Councilor: Got business with the City Council? Maybe JV can get you heard.

Democrat: JV cares about the people. He cares about access to healthcare and services. He cares about education.

Freshman: The youngest member of Detroit's current City Council, he's got a unique perspective on a lot of events. He butts heads with LeBlanc a fair bit.

District 2: Elected by the boisterous youths in the University District, JV's a symbol of change and railing against the status quo.

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Jules Aubenall
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Name: Jules Verne Aubenall
Date of Birth: May 8th, 1981
Apparent Age: Late twenties, early thirties
Occupation: Real Estate Attorney
Detroit City Councilor
Nature: Perfectionist
Demeanor: Visionary
Nationality: American
Party: Democrat

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