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Maria Lucia Hunter-Alvarado

(because of course parents do things like middle names that rhyme. ugh.)

Her parents died last year, and Alma has guardianship.

Her parents were Daniel Hunter and Elena Alvarado. Daniel worked in wetlands conservation and her mom was a Jr. high school teacher at Amelia Earhart.

Daniel converted to Catholicism to marry Elena. Maria is Catholic.

Alma and Maria like each other despite some culture clash. Alma is a non-religious person from a protestant background, for example. She has a girlfriend in New Zealand who has a boyfriend or something? and has more experience with girlfriends than boyfriends whereas Maria has discovered boys. Alma is 24ish and doesn't know how teenagers do the boy things, so she does stuff like embarrass her niece by bringing up the sex talk while giving her condoms and saying that women have agency and if some boy makes her uncomfortable she will Talk. To. Him. Alma is totally not in to that right now. Ew. facepalm. adults.

Maria loves writing! and math. She is involved in her schools journalism club plus the literary magazine club! She's placed in the math olympiad. Alma is thinking of asking Maria to help with data analysis because Alma can't always get this stats program to work.

Maria doesn't put up with your shit. oh please.

Oh a literary anthology of Detroit students, that's an awesome idea.

She writes a comic about the adventures of Steam Punk Sophie Germain.

Alma doesn't have a good range of knowledge about the humanities, so she sometimes talks to her niece with questions about poetry, literature, and mythology. A lot of this is due to Alma playing catchup know that she is more interested in stuff like this due to her awakening. They also talk math a little. Alma is interested in crafts with some math physibles. They are able to bond over these topics.

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Werewolves: Lots of misogynistic fiction! I do not approve.
Vampires: Why does everyone keep turning in vampire stories?
Fae: I like Neil Gaiman.
People: Not everyone can have an Erdős–Bacon number.

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Parents: dead

Paternal Grandparents: Ana María Cofiño Hunter, Magnus Hunter in Chicago

Aunt Alma: my guardian. She lived in New Zealand! uh... kind of embarrassing sometimes. Her Erdős–Bacon number is undefined. Her Erdős number is 5. She is friends with a crow! The crow's name is not Quoth. Starting to get more worried about her. She's hanging around a weird crowd.

Jake Stetman: Math teacher last year


Jim, 0000-0001-7454-085X, and Tori: Collaborators on Aunt Alma's grant.

Maya and Zach: Gave us a ride in an emergency.

Note: A sister to thought.

Wednesday: I admire how he dedicated he is to cosplay. but shouldn't he take a break now and then?

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Maria Hunter-Alvarado
Mary with that look.jpg

Mary asking for your rewrite. oh please, not another vampire story.

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Apparent Age: 17
Occupation: high school student

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No, please, please do submit another story

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