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MP: Of course it's about families. Look at the numbers, Tony. Kids grow up here, and if they're lucky? They get out. They never come back. And who could blame them, really? Detroit's hurting. But so isn't the whole country. Mayor Jones and I may not agree on much, but we do agree that the solution is going to be found deep down - at the roots. He thinks it's about economics, I think it goes deeper than that.

TD: You think family values link to economics?
MP: I think family is threaded through everything. Economics is about where you spend your money, where you spend your money is about where you feel like you have a stake, where you have community. We need to do a better job at enriching those bonds of community and that starts with families.
TD: This is a cheap shot, and I'll be the first to own it, but someone will take it, so let me give you the airtime to respond - and I can tell by your face that you know what's coming...
MP: Kids?
TD: Kids. You know people are going to say 'how can a woman who never had kids talk about what family means...'
MP: They are, and they're full of it. Go ahead and quote me. Rich and I have family here in Detroit. His parents live in Woodbridge, mine live in the Grosse Pointes. Rich has two brothers both of whom have kids, my sister has a son. We get together at least twice a month with our nieces and nephews - some of whom are now thinking about kids of their own. But ignore all that. Because family is something that is intrinsic to the human experience. And it's bull questions like that, that made me decide to get into this business because it's about time we stopped focusing on the biology and started focusing on the community.

-Interview Excerpt from the Tony Detroit Morning Show.

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RP Hooks
City Councilor: Got business with the Council? Maybe Porter can get you heard.

Republican: And old enough to remember when the GOP stood for something.

District 7: She's the representative from Briggs and Woodbridge.

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Melissa H. Porter
Melissa Porter.jpg

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Name: Melissa Helen Porter
Date of Birth: November 4th, 1950
Apparent Age: Late Fifties
Occupation: Retired Surgeon
Detroit City Councilwoman
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Nationality: American
Party: Republican

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