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My grandfather started this business with a simple concept: get people what they need, at prices they could afford. It was the Great Depression, and a war was brewing, so even that simple task was a lot harder than it should've been. It was a lot of hard work - but that's what MacNamaras thrive on, in our way.

It started as a fruit cart, then he started adding this and that as it came available. Pretty soon it got to the point where he needed a second cart, and by then the war was over and his brother'd come back from the war. They drummed up some money and opened the first Mac's in Corktown. That store is still standing, today.

My father took over in seventy-four, when I was a wee lad. He opened another store on the other side of Corktown and I went to work there at the age of sixteen. It's a family business and I'm proud to be carrying on what my grandfather started. I've been a grocer all my life, and now that my father's retired it comes to me to keep the family business going.

When you come to Mac's, if you don't find the very freshest produce, meats, and other items at the most reasonable prices then I haven't done my job. We've got fancy computers and other things now that my grandfather never expected, but the job is still basically the same and Mac's is still built on those fundamental principles. Good work done right, that's the Irish way, and that's the Mac's way.

---Advertisement for Mac's Grocery

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RP Hooks
City Councilor: If you've got business with the City Council, Monty Mac might be your ticket to get heard - especially if you're from...

Corktown: The MacNamaras have been around Corktown since before it was Corktown, and Mac's Grocery is a staple of local commerce. Not the best prices in town, but not the worst by far and the quality is always good.

District 6: Corktown, Mexicantown, and what's left of Delray after Measure 2 passed.

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Montgomery O. MacNamara

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Name: Montgomery Oliver MacNamara
"Monty Mac"
Date of Birth: April 3rd, 1961
Apparent Age: Early Fifties
Occupation: Grocer
Detroit City Councilor
Nature: Traditionalist
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Nationality: American
Party: Democrat

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