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Ten years ago, Poletown East was known as the most blighted neighborhood in Detroit. Since then, urban projects, real estate turnover and Measure 2 relocations have brought modest renewal to the area. Empty lots are still common, but along the former business corridors of Gratiot and Chene, there are new businesses sprouting up here and there. On the residential streets, there are more houses occupied than not, and many of them are well-maintained. Most of the architecture here dates back to the late 1800s or early 1900s: brick storefronts often have residential space above, and wood-sided cottages and Craftsman bungalows occupy the quieter streets.

Just south of Poletown, the smaller planned neighborhood of Forest Park--which contains no forest--surrounds a large green meadow, slightly smaller than a football field, which seems to be unused. Forest Park boasts several apartment and retirement communities, and some of its eastern streets have the look of a small town: attractive churches, old houses built on large half-acre or one-acre lots, and tree-lined streets. The Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church is one of the area's landmarks, with tall spires that loom above the central open field.

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