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tarot deck

@fail Tarot=Your hands move towards the deck, but something restrains you.
@desc Tarot=A Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck wrapped in a silk cloth. <*tarot/help>
&help Tarot=$+tarot/help:@pemit %#=[repeat(-,78)]%r+tarot/draw%t%t%tDraws one card%r+tarot/shuffle%t%tShuffles the deck%r+tarot/visible on/off%t%tSets whether others see your cards%r%rTarot Information:%r%r+tarot/deck%t%t%tStructure of the Tarot deck%r[repeat(-,78)]%r
&showcard Tarot=yes
&display Tarot=@switch [get(me/showcard)]=yes,{@lemit %0 draws [get(me/drawnname)].},no,{@pemit *%0=You draw [get(me/drawnname)].}
&visible Tarot=$+tarot/visible *:@switch [%0]=on,{&showcard me=yes;@name me=Tarot Deck (visible)},off,{&showcard me=no; @name me=Tarot Deck (hidden)}
&draw Tarot=$+tarot/draw:&drawncard me=[add([rand([sub([words([get(me/list2)],|)],1)])],1)];&drawnname me=[index([get(me/list2)],|,[get(me/drawncard)],1)];&list2 me=[setdiff([get(me/list2)],[get(me/drawnname)],|)];@tr me/display=%N
&shuffle Tarot=$+tarot/shuffle:&list2 me=[get(me/list)];@lemit %N shuffles %p Tarot deck.
&list Tarot=Ace of Swords|Two of Swords|Three of Swords|Four of Swords|Five of Swords|Six of Swords|Seven of Swords|Eight of Swords|Nine of Swords|Ten of Swords|Page of Swords|Knight of Swords|Queen of Swords|King of Swords|Ace of Cups|Two of Cups|Three of Cups|Four of Cups|Five of Cups|Six of Cups|Seven of Cups|Eight of Cups|Nine of Cups|Ten of Cups|Page of Cups|Knight of Cups|Queen of Cups|King of Cups|Ace of Wands|Two of Wands|Three of Wands|Four of Wands|Five of Wands|Six of Wands|Seven of Wands|Eight of Wands|Nine of Wands|Ten of Wands|Page of Wands|Knight of Wands|Queen of Wands|King of Wands|Ace of of Pentacles|Two of Pentacles|Three of Pentacles|Four of Pentacles|Five of Pentacles|Six of Pentacles|Seven of Pentacles|Eight of Pentacles|Nine of Pentacles|Ten of Pentacles|Page of Pentacles|Knight of Pentacles|Queen of Pentacles|King of Pentacles|0 Fool|1 Magician|2 High Priestess|3 Empress|4 Emperor|5 Hierophant|6 Lovers|7 Chariot|8 Strength|9 Hermit|10 Wheel of Fortune|11 Justice|12 Hanged Man|13 Death|14 Temperance|15 Devil|16 Tower|17 Star|18 Moon|19 Sun|20 Judgement|21 World
&info_deck Tarot=$+tarot/deck:@pemit %#=[repeat(-,78)]%rStructure of the Tarot deck:%r[repeat(-,78)]%rThe Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, including 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana Cards.%r%rThe Minor Arcana are similar in structure to an ordinary deck of playing cards:%r%rSWORDS (Spades)%t%tIntellectual, philosophical, or psychological matters.%rCUPS (Hearts)%t%tLove, emotions, and rlationsships. Intuition. Empathy, Concord, Compassion%rWANDS (Clubs)%t%tIngenuity, creativity. Work and career. Universal and collective willpower.%rPENTACLES (Diamonds)%tPhysical and material realm. Foundations. Resources.%r[repeat(-,78)]%rSUIT OF SWORDS%r%rClassical Element: Air%rFundamental Energy: Active (Yang)%rAnimal Symbolism: Eagle, Owl%rSuccess Factor: Forces, Knowledge%rPrevailing Character Traits: Intellectualism, Sophistication%rPersonal Issue Attribution: Ideas, Intellect, Communication, A Conflict%rQuality: Enforcement%rSeason: Fall%rCardinal Direction: East%rMoon Phase: Full Moon%r%r[repeat(-,78)]%rSUiT OF CUPS%r%rClassical Element: Water%rFundamental Energy: Receptive (Yin)%rAnimal Symbolism: Fish, Dolphin%rSuccess Factor: Perception, Intuition%rPrevailing Character Traits: Empathy, Concord, Compassion%rPersonal Issue Attribution: Love, Emotions, Relationships, Family%rQuality: Fluidity%rSeason: Summer%rCardinal Direction: West%rMoon Phase: Waxing Crescent%r%r%r[repeat(-,78)]%rSUIT OF WANDS%r%rClassical Element: Fire%rFundamental Energy: Active (Yang)%rAnimal Symbolism: Lion, Salamander%rSuccess Factor: Willpower, Innovation%rPrevailing Character Traits: Passion, Motivation%rPersonal Issue Attribution: Creativity, Work, Growth, Health and Wellness%rQuality: Synergy%rSeason: Spring%rCardinal Direction: South%rMoon Phase: New Moon%r%r[repeat(-,78)]%rSUIT OF PENTACLES%r%rClassical Element: Earth%rFundamental Energy: Receptive (Yin)%rAnimal Symbolism: Bull, Snake, Dog%rSuccess Factor: Material Resources, Physical Strength%rPrevailing Character Traits: Pragmatism, Diligence%rPersonal Issue Attribution: Property, Finances, Material, The Physical Body%rQuality: Fruition%rSeason: Winter%rCardinal Direction: North%rMoon Phase: Waning Crescent%r%r[repeat(-,78)]%rMajor Arcana%r%rThe Major Arcana begins with the Fool and ends with the World. Only the Fool, in the form of the Joker, has survived in present-day playing cards, although there is some debate about this. The Major Arcana symbolize a cycle of growth and evolution of consciousness and spiritual awareness.%r[repeat(-,78)]%rReferences: 'Tarot Unveiled: The Method To its Magic' by Laura Clarson, 'Holistic Tarot' by Benebel Wen%r[repeat(-,78)]
&credits Tarot=Original author unknown. Modified by Mitchell J. Gross <>. Modified again.