Werewolf: The Apocalypse

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The Shifter sphere on From The Ashes: Detroit by Night uses rules from Werewolf 20.

Available Types - Updated April 2018

Kinfolk: Maybe. Homid: Yes! Metis: Maybe. Lupus: CLOSED
Ahroun: Maybe Galliard: Okay! Philodox: Please! Theurge: Please! Ragabash: FULL
Black Furies: Please! Bone Gnawers: Please! Children of Gaia: Yes! Fianna: Okay! Get of Fenris: Sure!
Glass Walkers: Yes! Shadow Lords: Maybe Silver Fangs: Okay! Stargazers: Maybe. Silent Striders: Maybe.
Uktena: Maybe. Wendigo: Maybe. Red Talons: CLOSED


Detroit is not a city in decline. If you ask the Gaians that still live there, it is a city that's been lost. There's no single event that marks the beginning of the end. By the time the last Caern was lost, the war was all but over. Factories belch smog and ooze sludge. Fomori can be found on every street corner, and in every walk of life. Corrupt politicians say they are redeveloping the city toward a better vision of the future. In truth, they are carving up the city and selling it off to corprorations. The Umbra is crawling with spiders and banes. It is no wonder the few who remain look on with despair.

A call for help went out several years ago, just before the Caern fell. Reinforcements are only just now beginning to arrive, and the situation is so much worse than they'd heard. There is no Sept. There is no Caern. The only Garou left in the city are a few rag-tag packs that fight with guerilla tactics. They don't expect to win, they just refuse to lay down and roll over.

House Rules

(Main article: House Rules: Werewolf)

Application Process

Werewolf draws on a wide variety of themes to build its setting. A lot of these themes are very problematic when viewed in the context of the culture we all live in today. Bigotry is a very real thing in this world, and I don't want to tell stories that make light of it. Several of the tribes are based on fundamentally racist, classist, or sexist stereotypes, and I have provided views with additional commentary about how I want to keep my sphere respectful with regards to those specific groups. Be sure to read the views relevant to your concept before submitting your application.

(Main article: Applications: Werewolf)

Allowed Books

  • Werewolf 20th
  • Changing Breeds 20th
  • All others on a case-by-case basis. Check with Rare Earth.

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