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Note: the below is preserved for reference. We are not currently accepting applications for powered characters that are not affiliated with other supernatural groups (Mage, Shifter, Changeling). The hedge-wizard, techno-sorcerer, and psychic character types described in Sorcerer: Revised are available specifically as Traditions-affiliated acolytes and consors, with a preference for characters that are attached to incoming characters or those already in play. Players wishing to play such a character should run concepts by The Undisputed Truth.

A warning, to those who will consider playing M+, here. We are still in the market for a dedicated M+ admin who will provide dedicated content for your sphere. Absent that, you will have to be a self-starter. We will process apps and approve concepts, but the secret to finding plot here is to be pro-active, curious, and take risks... those risks can very easily get your character killed. Such is the lot of the M+, and hunters in particular.

We use Sorcerer: Revised as the main book for Mortal+ but draw our inspiration from other texts including Hunters Hunted and Project: Twilight.


Detroit is a city in trouble. Virtually every major group has simply washed its hands of the place, and in many respects that includes the state government. Dark, horrid things are lurking beneath the surface and the usual supernatural checks and balances are largely absent. The only 'thriving' supernatural presence in Detroit, anymore, is The Sabbat. New heroes have to step up if humanity's to be more than cattle. This is a place for those heroes that rise from the ranks of mortals to really shine and take back this city of ashes.

Mortal+, for us, is a sphere about exceptional people who are still the underdogs. Objectively speaking, Mortal+ are more fragile, less potent, and have less resources to draw on than their supernatural betters (Mages, Changelings, Vampires, and Fera). But this does not mean that Mortal+ are not without their particular strengths. For one thing, Mortal+ never need fear Paradox, Frenzy, Banality, Curses, or any of the other backbites that supernatural characters have to face. Mortal+ characters may almost seamlessly integrate into Mortal society. Their gifts make them stand out, not stand apart. Some join secret societies - most of which have vast numbers of Average Joes filling their ranks. Some are just solos trying to make their way in the world. Mortal+ is a big tent.

What Mortal+ Isn't

A special note is warranted here on what Mortal+ isn't. (Or, more accurately, what isn't mortal+.) Ghouls, Kinfolk, and Kinain are not Mortal+ concepts. On many sites, these character types are considered lesser (as are Mortal+ in general) and so get swept into the M+ bin. We consider Mortal+ to be a proper sphere in its own right, and as a result, these 'super-touched' concepts belong to their respective main spheres. Ghouls to Vampire, Kinfolk to Fera, and Kinain to Changeling. Even psychics, faithful, and sorcerers - who would otherwise fall into this sphere - belong to their parent spheres if there is another 'flavor' to them. Finally, sorcerers, faithful, and psychics who are accepted into Mage society as acolytes, consors, or their technocratic equivalents are considered part of the Mage sphere.

Mortal+ is everyone who is left.

House Rules

(Main article: House Rules: Mortal+)
The house rules for Mortal+ are a work in progress. Abilities requested will be reviewed and house rules determined at the time of application. See the main article for more.

Mortal+ Types

Mortal+ concepts will fall, generally speaking, into one of four types. These types are outlined below.


A Psychic is someone whose mind or soul has developed access to a particular ability or set of abilities. Psychic powers tend to be less powerful and less versatile than sorcery paths, but they require much less (and in many cases virtually no) prep, materials, or time. Psychics tend to have ready access to their powers, and even those with the flaw 'Psi Focus' can generally replace their focus without too much difficulty. Psychics can come from any walk of life, they can be trained or self-taught, they can belong to organizations or be solos. Psychics, especially sensitives, are a good way to get to know the World of Darkness if you're new to the world and don't want to play a Mortal.


A Sorcerer is someone who practices one of the myriad forms of Hedge Magic. Distinct from True Magick in that True Magick is unlimited in scope and application, Hedge Magic has strict rules about what is and is not possible, and Sorcerers must learn Spells and Rituals; their abilities are constrained to those specific effects they have learned to create. A sorcerer is always instructed. As a result, most sorcerers belong to an institution of some kind, or did at one point. Some sorcerers no longer maintain contact with that institution or mentor, but there always is one. Compared to other Mortal+ abilities, Sorcery is arguably the most powerful, and in the long run the most versatile. However, sorcery is not a quick path in any sense. It's abilities often take hours (if not days or even months) to activate and years of study to truly master.

True Faith

Many people claim a religious identity. Someone with True Faith, however, straddles the line between sorcery and psychic. Much like Mages do, the strength of the faithful's beliefs bring reality to conform to their expectations. Individuals with True Faith are very similar to Marauders in this respect, indeed when faith is strong enough, some go on to become precisely that. True faith requires that one be a wholly indoctrinated member of an organized belief system. Most commonly the individual is a member of that faith's clergy or equivalent. It is impossible to have faith this strong and /not/ want to spread your beliefs.

For a variety of reasons, we will not be accepting True Faith characters on our game. Play a mage or sorcerer with a faith-based paradigm instead.


Sometimes the only thing that separates a person from mortal society is what they've seen, and what they know as a result. Mortal/Super encounters don't usually go well for the mortal. They are almost uniformly ugly. The knowledge of the larger world, however, changes you forever.

Some just want to understand. Just want to learn. We call these concepts 'Seekers.' They usually belong to groups like The Arcanum.

Some, however, are ready to fight the Darkness, to push back against the monsters that prey upon humanity. We call these concepts 'Hunters.' They are often alone, but some have gathered into groups of experienced hunters such as the Society of Leopold.

Application Process

(Main article: Applications: Mortal+)
While hardly the world's most stringent stickler, The Supremes will process you faster and be more positively inclined towards your app if you follow this simple, three-step process.

Step 1: The Pitch

Want to play a mortal+? @mail The Supremes or email (yes, you read that right) with a subject of INQUIRY: Your concept here. Properly labeled Inquiries get processed faster. Email and @mail without the proper subject gets read whenever the very busy wiz gets around to it.

Step 2: Get Ready

Take the intervening time to read our news and/or this wiki's pages on the subject of the Mortal+ Sphere and the site in general. Please see the Sphere Information Room (it's off the Player Nexus) for Mortal and Mortal+. Read all +views relevant to your concept.

This same information can be found in the main article for mortal+ applications.

Step 3: Submit

Once you've been given the go-ahead by The Supremes, submit your app according to the process outlined in the Sphere Information Room or the main article.